mn có thể giúp em cho điểm bài này đc hong ạ ?? em cảm ơn
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The diagram illustrates the process of making tomato ketchup
There are 15 steps in total. Everything starts out with collecting tomatoes and culminates when products are being used .
At the beginning of the process, the farmer collect tomatoes and storage them before choose the good sort to use and eliminate the rest. After that, tomatoes which are chosen will be sent to the factory to produce. Afterwards, all the skin, seeds,.. are removed out of tomatoes before putting them into the container to crush it into liquid. The liquid after being seasoned with salt, sugar,vinegar, it is boiled and rested for 2 hours.
Following this, the sauce is poured into these bottles and labelled. These products's quality will be checked and control to minimize problem that can happen to the ketchup. Having experienced all the previous stages, supermarket will distribute these ketchup and customers consume it as food with hamburgers and fries
The process of making ketchup begins again

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