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The graph provides information about the differences among patterns of domestic access to modern technology in homes in the UK.

It is noticeable that the trend for all four types of technology was upward over six years. Moreover, the CD player still can be seen with the highest percentage, whereas the figure for Internet access remains the lowest

A closer look at the details reveals that the percentage for the CD player rose steadily from 60% over six years, finishing at 83% in 2002/03. Besides, Internet access first appeared in 1989/99 with only 10%, but the statistic doubled to 20% in twelve months and then rocketed to around 45% in 2002/03.
Furthermore, there was a slow increase in home computer's stat, from nearly 30% to 55% between 1996/97 and 2002/03. Likewise, the percentage of Mobile phones also ended the year up. The former experienced a steady rise in 1998/99, but after that, the figure grew dramatically to surpass home computer one year later, finishing at approximately 70% in 2002/03
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