You have been on holiday aboard for a week. Write a letter to your parents decribing your holiday so far
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Dear Mom and Dad,
How thing is going? I hope you are well. I am feeling comfortable and great in Japan this time too. There were amazing I can’t wait to share you.
When I came here I found easy to book convenient accommodation to relax for starting my holiday. The first time I put my foot in the well-known Osaka castle I was surprise. It is gorgeous and covered by loads of peach blossom tree. On the ground is a huge carpet of petals.
I have enjoyed lots of traditional food already and walked on along snow road with local people yesterday. They are friendly and hospitable so it makes my outing more exciting.
The most interesting part of my trip was visiting Edo museum yesterday. I was really impressed by the ancient life of Tokyo at there from culture, history to architecture. I saw this was meaningful because I explored more knowledge about Japan.
I will get back at this weekend. I’ll phone and tell you all about my trip later. Till then, stay safe.
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