Convenience foods will become increasingly prevalent and eventually replace traditional foods and methods of preparation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
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Nowadays, having time to cook a meal for some people is pretty hard due to the fact that they are too busy. Therefore, the appearance of convenience food can be seen as a good way to help them ensure the quality of meal if they do not have enough time. However, some people argue that this kind of food will become pretty popular and eventually they become a risk to traditional foods and the traditional way to make them. From my viewpoint, I believe that this is unlikely to happen.

It is undeniable that the benefits from convenience foods are recognized by many people. In my opinion, there are two main reasons to demonstrate this fact. Firstly, for people who have a lot on their plate, this kind of food is a great choice because they will have less time to prepare and also ensure that the food tastes are still good for them to enjoy. Secondly, the variety from this category’s food also makes consumers feel comfortable in choosing the ingredients for their meals without hesitation that their family members will get fed up with the same food.

Despite the fact that the advantages from these foods are pretty much, they can not replace traditional foods and conventional ways of food preparation because of two following reasons. First, eating convenience foods for a long time can cause some health problems because in these foods, they contain preservative substance while foods from fresh ingredients are more favorable due to high nutrients and not having preservative substance. Second, there are some conventional foods that play an important role in spiritual life of a region or a country. For example, in Vietnam, Chung Cake can be seen as important food on Tet holiday which any kind of food can not replace it, even convenience foods. Moreover, to have Chung Cake in these days, we have to make it according to traditional methods of food preparation due to the fact that it requires many stages which are done by human.

In conclusion, although convenience foods tend to become prevalent, they can not make traditional ones extinct.
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- Không nên dùng từ "PRETTY" (khá informal), nên dùng cho văn nói.

- Bài bạn khá dài, hơn 350 chữ nên mình nghĩ bạn nên rút ngắn phần mở bài lại một chút.

- Có thể thay convenience food bằng từ đồng nghĩa như processed food.

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