Advantages/ Disadvantages of giving homework to children. Mọi người cho mình nhận xét và chữa bài giúp mình với ạ
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It is believed that giving homework for children has its own advantages and disadvantages.

On the one hand, there are some noteworthy positive effects. The first main benefit of providing homework is that children can develop time management skills. Homework sets children up to arrange their time and plan out study schedules, which are really essential skills when they enter university years and also their later life. An additional advantage of homework would be useful to review knowledge again. This will help them find it easy to remember and understand the lectures for a long time.

In contrast, homework also has several negative aspects. Firstly, the children who have to do many exercises may have difficulty finding free time. They won’t have enough time to take part in outdoor activities and so they are more likely to have a sedentary lifestyle which is the major reason for bad health problems. Another problem is that causing stress for some children, leading to issues such as sleepless or even depression,...

All in all, it is clear that giving homework has both negative and positive aspects.

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