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Question: Do you think it is better for students to work before their university study?  Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice

Taking gap years to work before applying higher education has been the priority of a multitude of students in recent years. Some people hold their belief this duration do more harm than good. However, I argue this would be a future trend due to its benefit to the learners.

First and foremost, having a short term job before entering university or college will help to create a budget for the later study. Thank to this saving, students will no longer be disturbed by the anxiety of repaying their loan or the deep dependence of some certain organizations during their course, therefore, avoiding future burden. For example, a range of US employees at the age of forty still have trouble with the remaining debt having existed for nearly twenty years since they were undergraduate. Moreover, the learner having already saved a bunch of money can afford for abundantly healthy food, club enrollment and other convenient services, which result in both their physical and mental strength, ultimately, leading to their high academic certificate.

In addition, those students who have worked a few years will find little difficulty in adjusting to the university environment owing to their social skills resulting from work. As for integration, experienced students engaging the flexible communicating skill and good manner may easier be a part of the university community and have the opportunity to gain plenty of qualified relationships. Having experienced some harsh circumstances in the previous years of working will raise students’ ability to evaluate and process problem as well. Consequently, those students are extremely ready to face any challenge in their academic institution to get closer to success.

In conclusion, it is uncontestable, the property and experience gaining from the work period will profusely facilitate the students’ lives. Although starting further education after working may take a few years of youth, I highly support this trend because of its outweigh advantages.

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