IELTS Writing Task 2 - alcohol. Mong mọi người chữa và giúp em cải thiện essay ạ
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Alcohol abuse is becoming more and more common in many countries.

What are some problems associated with alcohol abuse and what are some of the possible solutions?




  It is true that alcoholic beverages are increasingly ubiquitous in a lot of nations. This trend may trigger some adverse influences on society and several viable solutions should be adopted to improve the situation.


 Extravagant use of alcoholic drinks may lead to a plethora of detrimental impacts on both individuals and communities. Firstly, alcohol abuse breeds serious health problems. To illustrate, people addicted to liquor or beer frequently have issues about liver, alcohol in these drinks gradually damage their livers when it is consumed on a regular basis. For this reason, many cancer cases and fatalities were attributed to abusing alcohol. Secondly, on account of getting drunk, numerous men caused heartbreaking stories such as assaulting family members or picking a quarrel with strangers. Eventually, the majority of them were imprisoned due to unforgivable sins and became burdens of society.


 Fortunately , there are a number of workable measures could be taken to deal with this problem. The initial solution is administering more severe punishment in terms of finance for drunken people. For instance, in Vietnam, drunken drivers must pay a fine of 300 to 1000 dollars for one case, a tremendous amount of money for citizens residing in financially disadvantaged nations. Thanks to this harsh penalty, the number of drunk people on streets is plummeting, leading to superior security of the country. Another measure is educating people to be aware of the harm of alcohol. A multitude of subjects in terms of  damages of alcohol are likely to be offered to students in driver license training courses or even schools and universities.


 In conclusion, various consequences of drinking alcohol can be witnessed and appropriate steps need to be taken to cope with these issues.

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