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Climate change has now been being notified constantly by numerous scientists, politicians and celebrities as well as social media. A wide range of their opinions is pessimistic about its downsides, especially in business, while others are optimistic about the potential of cashflow it might imply. For myself, I am sided with the upsides although I could understand people’s counter viewpoint.

On one hand, climate plays an important role in maintaining human’s yearly activities, some of which business is based on. In winter, for instance, people’s demands for warm clothes such as woollen sweaters, gloves or scarves will increase sharply, yielding great profit for the garment retailers. In less cold winter, therefore, the needs for these could plummet. Besides, business at places that are famous for winter tourism could be badly affected in case of hotter winter. It is because tourists who try to enjoy a lovely atmosphere of coldness might be deterred.

On the other hand, I am convinced that climate alteration could create types of business which would thrive easily in response to new ambience. One obvious opportunity is that retailers could have their summer wear purchased all year round due to less freezing season. This can reduce the risk of out-of-fashion models be left over and it, in turn, might save them a great deal of money of storage. Another chance might be taken into account is that tourists from mid-equatorial regions where there are less likely to have cold season could be drawn to these places, which can be beneficial to food and beverage business such as ice-cream or bubble tea.

In conclusion, while I can comprehend the negative impacts of climate change on business as mentioned, I am in favor of its potentials like reducing stock of summer clothing and creating more expenditure for food and drinks industry.
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