Giúp em tìm lỗi sai trong bài endangered animal :(( Mong mọi người giúp đỡ
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Rhinos can currently be found in Borneo and Sumatra, Namibia, the Eastern Himalayas, and Coastal East Africa. Unfortunately, rhinos are endangered because of climate change, habitat loss, and poaching. As you may know, the number of rhinos left on Earth is extremely scarce; only less than 50 rhinos survive. The first reason is that climate change affects the living environment. For rhinos, significant temperature increases would be very tough. In addition, rhinos are robbed of their habitat. As more land is removed for agriculture, rhinos have less space to thrive. The next reason is that the number of rhinos killed for their horns is extremely huge. Because many people believe that rhino horns are miracle drugs, poachers aggressively hunt them for profit. Even though countries have adopted rhino protection measures, the number of rhinos recovered remains exceedingly low in comparison to previous years. To conclude, the existence of rhinos is critical to biodiversity, and if rhinos become extinct, the world will change much more drastically.

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