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Economic progress is one way to measure the success of one country, while some people think there are other factors. What other factors should be considered? Within these factors, do you think anyone is more important than the others ?
In this day and age, a prosperous country could be defined in such myriads of way. Some express their belief that financial aspect best reflects the state of a country whilst others consider alternative fields as more significant contributor. From my perspective, a successful country could be attributed to ample factors including the environment and thus the role of scientists and politicians is indispensable.
Unquestionably, technological advancement has led the whole world further into the depth of environmental catastrophe in form of climate change, resource scarcity or all kinds of pollution. Recent research has pointed out that the annual average 90 percent of greenhouse gases enter the atmosphere from factories burning fossil fuels for power needs. Moreover, the world’s overall temperature is warming alarmingly with ten hottest years in the record have all now occurred since 1990. Since the Earth is more likely becoming horrifically inhospitable, addressing environmental deterioration should be considered as top prioritized aspect for all governments. Hence, a country in which environmental state is qualified or on its safe stability should be regarded as successful. That is to say, a green city has simultaneously state of the art science and technology to control the state of environment and prominent authorities with appropriate policies to raise their citizens’ awareness of this pressing issue.
Individuals in scientific and politic aspect are therefore of overwhelming significance than other counterpart. Obviously, scientific specialists create products whose pragmatic implications is to satisfy human’s basic needs without causing harm to the environment. For instance, scientists of developing countries have co-invented a water waste filtration machine that could remove contaminants from wastewater, which I believe to help alleviate water pollution if being adopted widely. Besides, while scientists focus on creating inventions, political individuals take the responsibility to apply them in the most appropriate way. Water waste filtration, for instance is often overlooked by enterprises due to its extravagant cost and policies to force them to install this system are implemented by politicians. Furthermore, individuals in political fields enforce law to prevent human’s activities that have deleterious impact on the environment and at the same time encourage the adoption of life with less dependence on technology through campaigns.
All things considered, best measurement for the term “successful countries” beside the economic state would be the environmental. Hence, there should be a slightly greater emphasis on scientists as well as politicians than individuals in other fields.
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Chào mứng bạn tới với CWMP,

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Mình thấy bài viết của bạn cũng khá đầy đủ về ý nên mình chỉ góp ý một chút thôi :

+mình thấy bạn lặp từ country hơi nhiều lần mình nghĩ bạn nên thay bằng nation hoặc một số từ khác 

+từ sciencetist cũng được bạn sử dụng nhiều mình nghĩ có một số từ thay thế chẳng hạn như là experts 

mình không phải là chuyên gia nên có sai sót mong bạn châm chước 


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