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These days, a large number of stores in high street have run out of business. There are various reasons why this phenomenon has happened; and, I have a thought that it brings advantages more than disadvantages for the development.

This phenomenon has happened because of some reason. Firstly, although people must buy some essential things, they do not tend to go out for them. Due to the convenience of online shopping, customers choose a range of products on the Internet only by one-click-mouse. Moreover, the items are usually cheaper than those in high street shops because of the lack of rental payment and direct customer care services; thus, the clients have bargain sales. Secondly, the local high street shop could be disappeared by multinational businesses. For instance, extensive marketing and advertising by big companies is a threat to the very existence of small businesses. Having the availability of excess money, big companies can buy several local stores and monopolize the products. 

While I accept that this phenomenon can sometimes have disadvantages, I consider that they are more likely to have advantages for both economic and social progression. On the one hand, it makes the proportion of underprivileged rise fastly. To illustrate, if many shops face closing, the reduction of employment opportunity will increase; consequently, the unemployment rate increase as well. However, this phenomenon provides better service and diverse options for customers. In other words, it could lead to the development of other sectors such as delivery service companies; and, customers could have door-to-door service. Therefore, modern people do things through smartphones and computer online shopping for goods or food. 

In conclusion, there are a plethora of reasons why various high street stores have put out of business nowadays. Also, it brings some things which are good or bad for the development; but, the positive effects outweigh their drawbacks. 

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bài viết ổn nhưng góp ý tí there are a plethora, không có there are a nhé, một là there is 2 là sau there are dùng số nhiều

Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?

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