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Nowadays, disorientation among young people is being concerned with society. Many people believe that it stems from living without purpose and negative thinking when not understanding the meaning of life. This issue has a worrying tendency that needs to be clarified by important factors
First, life without purpose is becoming more and more common among adults. Life becomes insignificant when young people do not clearly define their important goals toward success. For example, if a person desires a perfect life but never acts, that thing will never happen. In particular, a lifestyle that depends on others becomes a double knife of killing one's own future. For example, living under parental indulgence causes children to have low self-esteem in the face of difficult adversities. Besides, the youth passion for social networking sites makes it easy for them toyounger fall into a virtual lifestyle. Moreover, living without knowing what to do is extremely dangerous. The subjects of social evils are often teenagers and easily lured into by criminals. These things lead to the appearance of a pessimistic outlook on life. It is manifested through a way of living confined to the outside world by deep psychology. Therefore, the loss of direction toward the future of young people is one of the factors that need to be considered by families and society today.
One of the negative thoughts is the main cause leading to disorientation among young people. First of all, it is too difficult for young people to recognize valuable life so feeling indifferent and listless. A sense of frustration and alienation, they feel undervalued and powerless when face to work pressure. Feeling that oneself is being manipulated to ends that do not reflect their aspirations, many have become weary, boring. Therefore, without the joy of living, the young have lost their characteristic enthusiasm as well as the wish of their right to a better future. This makes the younger have to face profoundly disillusioned, confused, discouraged, and de-motivated. Indeed, when the mood is insecure, sad, and painful, people often think of death to solve all the problems. It is easy to realize that what they are being told to live is no longer valuable now, nor is it useful for the future. Indeed, a good sense of self-worth will overcome many challenging problems and have a specific plan for the future.
In conclusion, young people's disorientation is a big problem that affects a lot of people. Living goals and good emotional control are extremely important. It is true that the lack of orientation for young people needs to be deeply understood to find a radical remedy.

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