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   Although It is disposable that health is one of the best treasure human have been given, they did no pay inadequate attention to it. Physical exercise like walking is an example, instead of doing it as a good habit, most of the people are unwillingly to do it. This essay will mention the causes and solutions for this dilemma.

   The highlight that need to be pointed is this problem is triggered by a whole host of reasons. Firstly, when the rapid growth of technology gradually becomes the domination of modern-life people, they are more likely to lead an unhealthy sedentary lifestyle. After a strenuous day, individuals tend to stick themselves with smartphones which take into account as indispensable items. In this way, it is highly possible that they spend the rest of the time indulging in entertainment to relieve stress in lieu of doing several physical exercises. In addition, due to being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, rising rates of depression and anxiety is one of the main reasons which make people become less active and more passive. Besides, working out also requires encouragement. Research has found that take accordance with natural instinct, human definitely deserves inspiration from others before starting a new task. Take walking as an example. Compared going outside alone in the early morning with a group of friends walking together, which will be more motivated? All the reasons have been mentioned, I firmly think they are the primary culprit for the no-exercise lifestyle.

   With a view to preventing this unhealthy lifestyle, we need to take these solutions into account. In the first place, it is advisable to learn how to manage time. Human does not have a great number of time to exercise in virtue of hectic schedule, so that make a specific plan and squeeze in fifteen or thirty minutes per day for physical activity will be a useful way. Furthermore, over-dependence on the Internet should be decreased. Only by reducing moments for virtual life, can they have more time for a healthy and balanced life. In addition, searching for same-thought friends is not unnecessary. It is beneficial to engage in walking clubs or sport centers, where is full of energetic enthusiasts who will inspire them to try harder.

     To sum up, that problem is caused by the reasons has been outlined above and I totally believe that this dilemma will be addressed soon by taking these solutions into account.


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cam on ban rat nhieu nha
I think the vocabulary in this essay is pretty sufficient and well-written, although there are some inaccuracies. I think it may reach above 6 so 6-7. Since some parts are difficult to understand so the coherence is reduced substantailly so may be 6 at best.

Update: Từ 30/4 Điểm bạn tích lũy được trên CWMP sẽ dùng để đổi quà (vé xem CGV (100 điểm/1 vé, thẻ cào điện thoại 150 điểm/thẻ 50k, khóa học IELTS Online (300 điểm/khóa 3 tháng)
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