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People have different views with regarding to the impacts that international tourism has brought about to the host country and the tourists as well. Although some people believe that foreign visitors give rise to several troubles and drawbacks of their social life, I am more in favor of the benefits of tourism.

on the one hand, there are a number of reasons why some people advocate of the negative effects of traveling internationally. A quite plausible argument paves the way for this point of view is that tourism has invariably lead to conflicts and tensions between different communities. To make it clear, there are several issues caused by misunderstanding of the religional belief and politic policy that sometimes poses a threat to the long-standing friendships amongs nations. Another point worth mentioning is that there are some apathetic travelers who irresponsibly exploit the pristine  beauty of the indigenous peple's relics and intangible monuments. Therefore, these reckless activities may result in time-honored cultural disappearance  in the coutry visited.

on the other hand, i would take side with those who support the benefits of tourism. Perhaps the most convincing opinion of this viewpoint is that international travel enables the host country to boost the economy efficiently. It is an undeniable fact that tourism unfolds endless possiblities for employment as well as increasing the currency by means of travel-related services, thus accelerating the economic growth. The second important reason is that travelling among nations is a good chance to exchange the cultures and strengthen the bonds of different coutries. By virtue of traveling, the local people can be imbrued with national pride and indentity, in turns, the travellers can be provided with a wealth of knowledge about different cultures and a chance to outlook a new horizon.

in conclusion, after the afrorementioned arguments, I strongly believe that the benefits of toursim are far weightier than its drawbacks.
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