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Traveling to distant and remote areas is growing in popularity . Such a trend can be both beneficial and harmful.

There are several benefits to traveling to distant and remote areas. Firstly, the increased influx of visitors and holidaymarkers brings a lot of money to local community. This helps create more job opportunities for local residence, thereby reducing the rate of unemployment. As a result, the living standards of people in these areas can be improved. Secondly, from the cultural perspective, people who travel to places where ethnic groups and tribes live are given the opportunity to explore different cultures and traditions. This helps them can gain a deeper insight into other cultures and hence they can change their view on ethnic groups or tribes and begin to appreciate diversity of cultures and race. Additionally, traveling to distant places such as deserts, jungles or North Pole allows  people to witness spectacular natural landscapes that they have never seen before. Therefore, they can better understand the value of nature, which helps them improve their awareness on environmental protection. As a consequence, they may change their lifestyle to benefit the environment. This happened to my friend in 2017 when he traveled to Safari in Dubai. He went through unnerving experience like lacking of drinking water. Then when he came back home, he never wastes water on needless purposes ever again because the trip taught him how valuable water is to our lives in general and to his in particular.

On the other hand, traveling to isolated regions can bring certain disadvantages. One disadvantage could be that some places such as desert or jungle can have extreme weather and nature. So, such places will be dangerous if visitors do not possess survival skills and specialized equipments. Due to this, visiting these places can cost visitors their lives. Moreover, travellers may not fully understand the culture and traditions of local ethnic people. So visitors may display inappropriate behaviours. This makes local people have negative attitude toward visitors. In addition, travel activities in natural reserves can lead to damages to natural landscape and habitat of wild animals as well as other knock-on effects. For instance, the attractiveness of Cát Tiên nation park can be affected since visitors often litter bottles or plastic bags. Such habit of visitors can inflict severe damage on the local ecosystem.

In conclusion, while traveling to distant and remote areas can be beneficial, it also has several drawbacks.
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