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Prison is the common way in most countries to solve the problem of crime. However, a more effective solution is to provide people a better education.


Recent years have witnessed an increase in a number of people who engage in criminal activities. A prevalent perception is that offenders are mandatory to receive prison sentences to solve crime’s problems while other people are widely perceived that supplying citizens a better education is more effective. This essay will provide a comprehensive demonstration of both sides of this debate, followed by the revelation why the latter perspective is more convincing.

On the one hand, it is understandable that imprisoning lawbreakers could balance social order. Prisons are the place to keep people who have broken the law contained, ensuring the safety of other citizens. As a matter of fact, dangerous criminals who commit intolerant crimes such as rapists or terrorists obviously have to be sentenced. Although confining prisoners in incarcerations seems to ensure the safety of other citizens, they are likely to re-offend when they are released.

On the other hand, another greater solution apart from prison to tackle wrongdoing activities of residents is to enhance people’s education. This not only greatly contributes to heighten people’s intellect to form a civilized society but also serve as a remedy for the origin of crimes. For example, open-minded parents nowadays strictly educated their offspring so that youngsters will not engage in criminal activities for the rest of their lives. This illustration further emphasizes counseling people on doing positive activities is extremely essential.

In conclusion, breaking the law is explicitly an unacceptable action. It is highly advisable for us to raise awareness of crime prevention.

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From centuries, mankind has used prison as the best way to cope with the problems of criminal activities, not only to adults but also juveniles, they could be handcuffed and taken to a juvenile detain center for taking some bucks from another. Notwithstanding, their benefits are still very controversial

We can’t deny that prisons help to prevent criminals far away community, dissuade someone from implementing a crime for a rigorous punishment. But let’s image that you were in once who’s alleged for violating law, that all these violating activities have deserved to be prisoned? And that everyone took up any crime should be detained?

Regularly, threaten actions often have their origins from the shortage of acknowledge, education background and living environment, no one was born to become a criminal. In the living and maturing process people will absorb external effects to it’s the roots to percept how is right or wrong action. Prison is the way to fix the consequences, but early education will prevent the issue from its roots. Prisons detain criminals from community but education creates good citizens for social, even someone who had in criminal situation instead of push them into jail, help them to have a better perception about their activities we can rise up them to become a good citizen

So I very support the opinion that education would bring more benefits than prison. Everyone should have chances to enjoin sufficiently educated program, a good country education will help to create good citizens in the future

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