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Topic: Should we startup in the economic depression?

Nowadays, startup is a popular movement and a lot of people want to follow this path, especially in recent years. Viewpoint self-employed than wage earners are also more common. There are many successful entrepreneurs, but also many failures. They choose the best time to start a business, including environmental objective and subjective, but they still fail. Before the development of instability and the economic recession, more and more people are hesitated. The issue is that should we start a business while the economic depression? Based on my experiences and observations, I think that it has many challenges, but it is a really good chance to startup.

The most important reason that you should start a business in the economic recession is that the result bigly depend on qualities of a new founder. The problem is who you are when you start a business. It affects mightily the success or the failure. Sometimes, the economic situation also affected, but nothing could compare to the role of the founder. If you are good, you will be successful even if the economy crisis. Conversely, if you are poor, the economy, despite good nor save you. If you thought that do not start a business when the bad economy, it is the same as just open simply a company is going to get rich. Consequently, you should be interested in learning more co-founder is the state of the economy if you want to increase the opportunities for yourself. You should not wait for the brighter economy. The development of technology is independently how fast the stock market. So when the idea started to do better now is wait. Microsoft's first product is a basic interpreter for the Altair computer, and that is what people need it in 1975. At that time, if Bill Gates and Allen postponed until next year, it is probably too late. Of course there are many other ideas you again later. There are always new ideas. But if you have a specific idea, proceed to do right.


The second reason to start a business when the economic depression is that you will get the advantages more than the economic growth period.  Firstly, it is a lower cost. During that period, you can find a lot of things that are very affordable price. Almost everything has a trend to cut the prices such as properties, equipment, work spaces, the commercial cost, internet especially personnel. Many people have been waiting for many years to find valuable things at reasonable prices, and that time has finally come. Secondly, the opportunity to recruit talent, in an era that even the giant- Microsoft is to cut staffs with the massive scale. This is a good chance if you want to find yourself with quality human resources. Suppose that you want to dig into the business markets high-tech products, it surely will be dozens of great engineers will queue waiting for your employer. Another advantage is that the bad economy will have less competition. Your rivals have been weakened. Because of the recession, many companies, loss-making enterprises could even bankruptcy. Probably more formidable boss of businesses that have left the market and retire in hiding. So now it is a good time for you to engage the place to test yourself in a difficult market but equally harsh this glory.

However, starting a business in the economic recession has faced many challenges. Firstly, the recession has made investors more careful in using capital. Capital is the most important thing while the economic depression. It will help investors operate companies better. Investors will not take risk in a start-up company, because they are afraid of that the capital would be lossed. They need to make sure that the investment will be made profitable. Otherwise, with such economic situation, they will save the amount of investment, focused long-term goals for economic growth forward while back. Another difficulty is you could make some mistakes when evaluating the market. In the bad economy, the demand of people has also changed to suit the prevailing conditions. Lacking of experienced entrepreneur, misconceptions about the market, capable of analytical thinking, .. make you fail a lot and lost the accumulation of capital, or sometimes just because some failures on startup which make you discouraged, do not want to start a business again. Additionally, to be a successful entrepreneur does not only have to desire, passion, courage, which need to be always creative and innovative. Many startup companies lack of creation and innovation in doing business. They start a business with the bad economy, but they have no strategic vision differently, applying the economic laws to this period. A lot of businesses often make the mistake of spending the whole time and energy to his business idea in the absence of thorough preparation. Therefore, you need to be careful and alert in looking for the business market sewn if not the entire business plan will fail badly. On other hands, the self-reliance could make you stressed. Decision self in building the company is not an easy job. Despite the opportunity to receive funding from investors, but the management team has committed to use their own capital to be in full control and visibility of their business orientation without any influences what the opinion of investors. There are moments entirely dependent on the success of products and new features to rescue for cash flow and business situation of the company.


Major economic downturns throughout history have not been happy, but it create a lot of innovation in business. Despite of advances in the economic growth, maybe you would easily to success. However, your passion as well as your encourages would make you success differently.  In summary, there are many advantages to starting a business when the economic depression. You shoud to gain initiative to catch the opportunities quickly, because you are important factor lead to the success. This does not mean that you would ignore the economic situation. For from now successful, depending on a lot of other factors, and in that, you would face to many difficulties and challenges.
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