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TOPIC task 2 tuần này ngày 12/12/2015 :

People who live in foreign countries should follow the traditions and customs. To what extent do you agree or disagree.



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Cultural preservation has become a subject of debate with strong arguments for and against. I personally think that people should not observe completely their old traditions, as will be explained now.

Firstly, if we do not follow traditional customs when starting living in a foreign country, it is actually not a disaster. Some people might argue that those individual’s awareness of their motherland will be seriously affected if they try to adapt to the new country’s values or and languages, however, it is an exaggeration. Fossil evidence suggests that the adaption to new languages and customs did not cause any harm to the cultural preservation but merely triggered people who live abroad to love their old country’s values and traditions more. Therefore, we should not exaggerate the issue.

Secondly, blindly following the former habits and values could lead to cultural conflicts. This means that when living in a new place with new languages and viewpoints, we should follow the new cultures if we want to harmonize quickly with the new life. For example, most Asian people will need to try western-country straight way of speaking unless they might get into trouble with their old beat-around-the-bush habit of talking.

Finally, adaption does not mean stopping following their old cultures. To put it simply, giving up old customs and preserve them and try to get used to another culture have little similarity. People might still continue some possible motherland habits and values and at the same time, try new experiences of the foreign countries where they are going to live.

In conclusion, while I do not refute the argument for the conservation of culture, I believe that people should get used to the new country’s customs and traditions.

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Expatriates’ behaviors in aliens have constantly evolved as a major debate among sociologists in recent years. There are a number of citizens who subscribe to the standpoint that people living in foreign countries should comply with the traditions and customs. Personally, I strongly contend that people need to be carefully considerable both its merits and drawbacks.

There is no disputing the fact that when abiding by cultures and customary rules in exotic communities, new comers will receive multiple benefits from many aspects. In case immigrants demonstrated the attitude of respectfulness and appreciativeness towards local traditions, inhabitants would desirably support them in the process of integrating into community. Typically among international students, they will be easier to make new friends in updated studying environment which plays indispensible role while they are living and studying at foreign nations. Additionally, on account of accepting multicultural backgrounds, people would have become radical thinkers as well as been more understanding about divergent cultures cross the world.

On the other hand, although it is allowed that “when you go to Rome, do as Romans”, overseas citizens should indeed conserve their own aboriginal traditions and cultures. In the integrated community as nowadays, as many fields as are clearly global familiarity except for cultural objects, it seems that national traditions and cultures have significantly changed into the most distinctive identification among nationals. In foreign countries, expatriates who are trying to preserving traditional cultures desire to store customary values for their descendants to let them know the root of family and fatherland. Beside, customs are occupying invincible position in motivating cultural promulgation around the world.

In conclusion, I am of opinion that not only complying with local traditions and customs is playing essential function in consolidating the friendship among strange residences, but the conservation of traditions also generates dynamics for commemorating people’s predecessors and mother country.


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In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of immigrant as a result of globalization. Many people argue that these expatriates should adapt to the culture and behaviors there. I agree with that point of view. However, I am convinced that aboriginal tradition need also be preserved.

On the one hand, it is essential for newcomers to adjust and understand the local traditions and customs. Local inhabitants are prone to approach and support immigrants who express respectfulness of local culture as well as attempts to behave appropriately. Accordingly, it provides more opportunity for immigrant people to integrate into a new community and make new friends. In addition, abiding by cultures and customary rules of local country would reduce possible troubles to a minimum, especially for which is related to local laws. For example, although right-hand traffic is the popular regulation in most of countries, including Vietnam, immigrants have to adapt left-hand drive rule when they live in some countries such as the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, despite these advantages, I believe that it is not necessary to change all aboriginal customs. Not only should host citizens respect cultural differences, but also not all the custom of immigrant is conflicting with the local ones. For instance, an Indian in the United States can choose between consuming or not consuming pork. Furthermore, maintaining different traditions has been encouraged recently because it results in diversity of culture in the host country. Host citizens and immigrants could complement each other by their different knowledge, experiences, skills and standpoints; so it gives people more chance to experience things outside what they are normally accustomed to.

In conclusion, I believe that immigrants should adjust traditions and customs whose country they live, but not abolish all the culture of their motherland.
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People have different views about whether individuals should adapt new environment of foreign countries or preserve their own traditions and cultures. While I accept that following the traditions and customs of foreign countries may benefit these people to some extent, I believe people should remain their cultures and customs as identification feature.

To begin with, there are several reasons why people should adapt the traditions and customs of the host country. Firstly, if people can easily approach and adapt to new environment, it is likely to help them to overcome some barriers such as language problems or cultural shocks. Therefore, they can concentrate the best on their job or study, which may enable these individuals to accomplish delightful success in new countries. The second benefit is that adjusting to new cultures and customs is an effective measure to learn new valuable things or acquire deeper knowledge from local. For example, when overseas students work in the restaurant, they can understand about the way that foreigners manage and supervise their business, which is beneficial for their job in the future.

However, I would argue that apart from adjusting to traditions and customs of foreigners, overseas comers should conserve their own traditions and customs because of some reasons. The first reason is that every cultures and traditions has its distinguish features such as culinary culture or traditional music, which represent for the diversities of the world, thereby, if people do not preserve their own distinct cultures and customs, the rest of the world or their next generations may have an ambiguous idea about who they are or where they come from. In addition, maintaining these special features may become a great way to connect their home community and support each other for the long – term development.

In conclusion, I believe that individuals should respect and adjust to the foreign cultures as well as customs in an appropriate way besides convers their own identification cultures.
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