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When it comes to drawing out a scheme for new towns, some authorities tend to have a preference for public parks or sports halls rather than shopping malls. While I understand the concerns of whom hold this opinion, it is my personal conviction that both of those facilities need developing simultaneously.

On the one hand, as the nowadays world is laden with depression, there is a great demand for recreational activities, hence parks and sports halls are top destinations for them to escape from the hustle and bustle in their lives. Besides, not only adults but also children benefit from these facilities. It seems that children these days stick to some kinds of smart devices so frequently that some physical activities are neglected, which can hinder the natural growth of them. Thus, they can hit some sports facilities such as swimming pools, indoor sports centers to engage in sports or public parks for some jogging, which can sustain their fitness and foster their physical and mental well-being.

On the other hand, I argue that there should be room for shopping centers in any town. Trading is one of the most fundamental demands in our society. If one town lacked this kind of facility, there would be an array of disadvantages. First, local residents would have to travel a distant way to purchase their necessities, which could be an inconvenience, especially for those who do not have sufficient time. Second, they would have to spend a fortune for shipping costs when they shop online as a substitution. Finally, they will not be able to experience the sense of enjoyment when shopping firsthand in their free time.

To conclude, I believe that constructing public parks or sports complexes as well as developing shopping malls are of equal importance as they will both facilitate the demands of the town dwellers.  

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