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People hold differing views about the extent to which technological advances in earlier ages and those in recent years influence our daily life. While some insist that past inventions had remarkably given human a new lease of life, I  believe that the emergence of new technologies has entitled ordinary people with a greater chance of improving their living standard.

There is no doubt that the devices and gadgets that we use today are radically different back when they were first invented, introduced and popularised years ago, allowing humans to work and live better. Modern technology has altered old-school designs of earlier inventions and eliminated their limitations, granting people more opportunities to devices with a reasonable price yet high quality. For example, once wildly expensive and inaccessible but to the very rich, computers today are one of the most ubiquitous technologies worldwide. They have become more efficient, convenient yet no longer need to be the size of the car to function, compared with the first computer invented in the 19th century. Moreover, breakthrough technology marked by the invention of Artificial Intelligence has outweighed all kinds of past inventions, altering human participation in the field of healthcare, retail, manufacturing or banking. Due to its high speed, precision and effectiveness, AI has helped to reinforce the economy and social life.
The proliferation of new technologies such as genetic engineering, stem cell treatments or robotic surgery has allowed humanity to go further in the realm of medicine.  Many diseases have been diagnosed from an early stage, which opens up the chance to prolong life expectancy among human. Many diseases or health-related problems preoccupying many nations in the past could be handled thanks to cutting-edge technology. To illustrate, death in childbirth used to be a major hazard for females due to ill-equipped medical devices. However, this issue is widely solved with technical advance and qualified doctor.
Besides, technical advances in modern days link inextricably to environmental issues. It is noticeable that old inventions did not take into account the prospect of the environment while manufacturing, leading to the deterioration of wildlife habitat and atmosphere. However, inventions such as cars, light bulbs and other electronic devices run by alternative energy including solar power and wind power rather than fossil fuels. More and more inventions that are environmentally-friendly have become favoured among people with an aim to mitigating the carbon footprint
In conclusion, though I am convinced that both early and recent progress in technology contribute greatly to our well-being, modern technology by far outweighs its predecessors.
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