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In contemporary society, it is generally believed that refreshment is the primary aim of movies. Howeve, other people argue that it would bring plenty of beneficial influences if valuable lessons were parts of films. Personally, I totally agree with the latter statement.

    For a variety of reasons, it will be effective for students, especially for learners who want to gain more knowledge in languages and cultures if educational elements are added in movies.  There is no doubt that due to the fast-growing of technology and a wide access to the Internet, people can download or watch a variety of films online. Therefore,  movies are seem to an ideal environment to convey messages or lessons.  By catching a flick,  learners can have golden opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views, grasp an authentic understanding about the world as well as foster greater inter-cultural communication without paying any charges for commuting. Moreover, by means of watching foreign films, people can have chance to expose to native speaking environment, improve and gain a good command in language skills. Additionally, education value in movies can improve people awareness effectively. Thanks to immersing themselves into meaningful films that provoke thoughts towards humanity and life, citizens can gain a deeper insight into various aspects of life,  broaden their horizon or even gain inspiration and motivation. For example, after watching Better Days,  a romantic Chinese movies, people can improve their awareness of violence in educational environment and think of the measures for that issue.

     Apart from the above-mentioned practical concerns,  others believe that movies are just considered as a form of entertainment. Living in an acceleration pace of life, people,  especially people living in metropolis, are usually up to ears in work.  Therefore, they watch movies as a way to recharge their battery after a hectic day. If movies include much educational values,  it will affect badly the recreational purpose and may put pressure on audiences. More over,  forcing knowledge to movies deliberately and unnaturally may have negative impacts on the content of the movies and make them illogical which leads to the low rating of the movies.  Furthermore , transferring messages in wrong way may affect the thoughts of young genarations, cause bad behaviors and pose huge threats on their sustainable development. For instance, romantic movies that have wrong methods to convey messages about love might make some people become culprits of sex harassment.

    Taking everything into consideration, it reinforces my perspective that besides entertaining purposes, meaningful and valuable lessons should be involved in movies due to their significant advantages.
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