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Let me ask you a question, Have you ever doubted about your ability and feel uncomfortable about yourself? Today, we would like to talk about how to be comfortable with yourself. This presentation is really important to you because it will give you lots of information, some tips to feel comfortable with yourself and have a better life.
In my presentation, we will focus on 3 main parts. So in the first part, we will tell you why we should stop caring about what others think. In the second part, we will show you the way to be comfortable with yourself and finally, we will give you some charateristics that people who feel comfortable with themselves have. Our presentation will last for 8 to 10 minutes and you can make questions after we finish.
Nowadays, life often feels like a gigantic contest. Our society constantly point out who is the prettiest,the smartest, the most successful or the worst of everything. Therefore, we all care too much about what other people think of us. Knowing how to be comfortable with yourself is not very easy. Now let ask yourself that are you living the life you want or are you doing what other people expect of you?
So let discuss why we should stop caring about what other people think.
Stop caring about what others think
It only holds you back.
First reason, It only holds you back. This is the biggest reason to stop caring about what others think. You’ll never get very far in life trying to please everyone. In fact, it will hold you back from your full potential. You have so much to offer, but not everyone will like it. Remember that there are always people who aren’t satisfied with what you do, even though you are doing very well. If you stop caring and just focus on your business, you’ll be easier to be successful.
Caring only hurts your confidence.
Do you want to feel crappy about yourself? No! I’m sure you want to know that you have something special. When you lose your confidence, you can not do your work well. For example, you are going to have an important exam, but someone criticizes you and he says that you can't pass the exam, then while you are doing the exam, but you always think that you will not pass it. So you will lose your confidence and you finally have a bad exam. Through this example, we see that caring other thoughts will hurts your confidence.
Nobody else knows your own story.
So let move on next point. Nobody else knows your own story. Simply , they have no place to judge you. Nobody knows what’s going on in your life. They have absolutely no reason to have any opinion of your life. Only you could know clearly your life and your story. So why do we have to care about what they think?
Their opinion doesn’t matter.
That last point I would like mention that their opinion doesn’t matter, except someone close to you and feels worried about you. Everyone has thoughts and opinions about others nowadays, but they just don’t matter in your life. Because what you are doing is to make your life more beautiful, and it never depends on other people.
So for all reasons I have mentioned earlier, we have to stop caring about what other people think of us and just do whatever you really want to do.
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