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It is the loss of the increasingly number of natural creatures that brings the biodiversity to the brink of  being seriously damaged. The problem of saving the lives of these endangered species is considered difficult to be addressed. However, there are in reality some of the solutions to come up with so as to maintain biodiversity.


One feasible approach can be enforcing laws against poaching as well as illegal hunting in wild. A case in point is that many nations have strictly restricted, banned or heavily punished such activities that do harm to the life of  animals. Nevertheless, this is claimed to have been temporary solution. With the help of the governments, people cannot totally control over the moderately high number of unscrupulous killers of the wild animals, who earn their prosperous livings by smuggling natural species.


Another prevalent answer for the question of maintaining a variety of environmental creatures is to reserve them by ourselves. Zoos, natural parks or game reserves can be constructed to provide animals, especially rare and endangered ones, with good conditions of living. Also, scientists can conduct more study projects to help avoid the extinction of threatened species. Even though these actions are likely to protect wild animals effectively, they may pose the problems of the lack of money and staff, along with the available land for zoos and the like. As a result, people have to save animals at the expense of a significant amount of forests.


Raising public awareness of the importance of biodiversity is the long-term measure to be regarded. Education in schools for future’s owners of how indispensable the world’s animals are and the ways to protect them may partly prevent the threat of dying creatures in the following time. Futhermore, if being equipped fully with the understanding of the value of biodiversity, many people will probably raise funds or support the government as to helping reserve the nature.


On a whole, maintaining biodiversity would take long with great efforts, which now can be seen as the tough target of many countries. However, by appropriate solutions as enhancing each person’s behaviour positively, the problem can be tackled constructively.


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Up to now, biological diversity has been a complicated issue in the world. Government almost earns a large amount of money from a great deal of valuable species exploitation hence the number of species of plants, animals, and microorganisms is dropping significantly.As individuals or organizations,we must attempt to find approriate preservation and sustainable development strategies in order to maintain biodiversity
We take advantage of the benefits' biodiversity  about  aspects such as: ecosystem services, biological resources and social benefits.For example, vegetation helps regulate underground water tables and prevent dryland salinity which affects vast areas of Australia agriculture lands.Biological diversity helps in the formation and maintenance of soil structure and the retention of moisture and nutrient levels. Besides,it also brings us the biological resources  by providing food, medicinal resources and wood products
According to my analysis in terms of the pros of biodiversity, we can realise the importance of it. Yet an increasing  number of species are in jeopardy and  perhaps become extinct.What can be done to maintain biodiversity while scientists are researching the solution?.Firstly,we can participate in biodiversity conservation by increasing the knowledge of environment or the awarness of the impacts' biological variety loss.It is said that the disappearance of a plenty of species due to partial human hence government should creat  proper protected area where human activities are limited is the best way to prevent deforestation and exploitation organisms and the resources human need to survive.Global warming is considered one of the elements that give rise to species' extinction.It makes some animals have to change their habitat , become"homeless"; so human do not do harm to environment by burning or devastating anything belong to nature
In conlusion, the more people know the biodiversity loss, the more they will be prepared to help slow it. I think we must appreciate the benefits of biological variety which are at stake
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