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These days, a lot of college students are still living with their parents, whilst others have transferred to another site in order to live alone and start studying in a different environment. both circumstances have benefits and unhelpfulness, therefore,  I will outline in this following essay.   
To begin with, notwithstanding they are old enough and eligible for not being reliant on others, university can stay with their families because of these two reasons. Firstly, parents will always accompany them in every hardship. It is significant when it comes to facing troubles, sadness or even despair, they can request for help and advice, since parents are principally mature and have undergone countless ups and downs of life. Secondly, mental and physical health are guaranteed as long as they are in comfort of their home.  For instance, mother is doubtlessly good at cooking, and consequently, she will make wholesome diets and nutritious regimen on a regular basis, which are beneficial for her children's energy. Yet, somehow, owing to those comfortablenesses, students gradually become passive, lazy, dependent, as well as inconsistent in their own decisions in life. As a result, they will continue enjoying in the comfort zone without concerning about being self-made. 
By contrast, those who are currently both acquiring knowledge at a higher education and living on their own are independent, well-experienced and self-disciplined. In fact, they have to take care completely of themselves, get access to self-study,  as well as strive to make a living. Accordingly, life skills such as housekeeping skill, social skill, cognitive skill will be enhanced, which would bring them a solidary in their upcoming future. Nevertheless, as no one is beside them when it comes to undergoing difficulties, they easily suffer from being collapsed by high pressure, which is likely to lead to depression. Moreover, while filling with sorrow or broken-heartedness, all they can do is to stand and overcome these unendurable feelings strongly, since there is no advisor or listener near them.  
In conclusion, either staying with parents in a cozy house, or going to a strange place to study and live, have advantages and helplessness for students.


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