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Research shows that business meetings, discussions and training are happening online nowadays. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?


The development of technology provides a new modern communication method for business operation recently. Through internet and third-party website or agency, business meetings, discussions and training can be set up simply. In my perspective, I suppose the useful features of this method cannot overcome the barriers brought by itself.

Examining the advantage aspect, online meeting and training is believed to adapt some requirements of time, location and business cost. Online conferences are evaluated a rational replacement for time-consuming and costly business travels to the discussion location. Convenient function allows all participants to convene in a short period in advance of a meeting. Apart from these, in some urgent situations, online discussion is such a fire-fighting measure that an organization reaches a decision as soon as possible. Most of these advantages tend to satisfy for a quick and convenient objective rather than an effective achievement.

Considering the reverse, seminars on cyberspace not only prevents partakers from clearly mutual communication but also lacks of practical experiences which lead to inefficient result. This method is suitable for a small group to apply, however, if a large group runs online meeting or training, attendees will be distracted and prone to get not enough information later. To a business discussion, senior managers can be short of direct opportunity to observe the realistic situation in general, from that, shortcomings can exist in the executive plan. To a training, it is no doubt that instructions through screen are so theoretical that trainees cannot apply at work. This is the reason why every year, some companies approve a hefty budget for more effective training for new employees such as organizing a long-trip camp.

In conclusion, online meeting, discussion and training is greatly convenient and economically effective; nonetheless, meeting and training in person is more efficient in term of result orientation. Base on specific situation, companies can reckon and choose a reasonable one to implement.   


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