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Topic: Some people think that social networking sites have a huge negative impact on boht individual and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Social networking sites has been a controversial issue for years. While some people believe that they can't live without smatphone or computer, others claim it can results in many bad consequences. In my opinion, despite the potential risks they pose, they have many potential effects in both individuals and society.

On the one hand, I would agree that social media seems to take a heavy toll on shaping a healthy society. A case in point is that many celebrities are facing with variety of threatening or hurtful messages. Like Taylor Swift in 2014, the hastag "#TSisoverparty" was on top trending for a long time just after Kim Kadashian posted a video on Instargram, for the purpose of mislead the society that Taylor's personality was like "a snake".  Once becoming the target of cyber bullying, those victims will suffer from depression, anxiety or suicide. Therefore, all of there works and studies can be destroyed in the blink of an eye, also due to the lack of regulations and stricted laws about Internet sercurities.

On the other hand, social media sites can fullfill human's life with a positive feeling. Since it is extremely easy to get access to the internet, people can be provided huge oppotunities in taking form about the world just by a click, regardless of their location, cultural backgrounds and ages. For instance, Facebook has now become one of the best communication tools, with billions of user from every walks of life. People have a chance to search for friends, interact with their acquaintances or even a complete stranger. Through sharing knowledges, experiences, stories about culture an life styles, each individuals can broaden his horizons and enlarge social relationships. This can not only make a great impact on reducing stresses, help people to relax after a hard-working day but also gives them motivation to contribute to a well-being society.

In conclution, it is true that social networking sites can does harm to people in some cases, but there are plenty of good benefits it can brings to our life.

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