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Nowadays, with the development of technology, computers are becoming an ubiquitous part of learning. Althoung installing computers in school have its own drawbacks, I am convinced that this could be of more help than hindrance.

On the one hand, some negative influences derived from PC should be taken into account. It should be noticed that computers can be addictive, especially to young people. To be more precise, there are enomous entertainment websites which have many attractive videogames. These games can result in students over spending time on playing. Therefore, they may fall behind with their peers due to the lack of study. Another drawback is that learners may be too dependent on the internet. To complete their homework, some students search fr answer online first instead of racking their brain and do it by themselves. As a result, they do not have to think about their tasks and learn very little which can make pupils lose their abilities to brainstorm.

Despite some opposing arguments mentioned above, I believe that its benefits are of greater significance. There is no doubt that providing this data processor offers an ulimited source of information. Therefore, it is possible for pupils to join distance learning educational programmes which helps them save time instead of going to offline classes. For example, Khan Academy, a free learning website, allows people to join a hundred courses in various fields such as Math, Literature, Physics or Chemistry on the internet without payment. Last but not least, the instruction of computer enables youngsters to acquire computer skills which help them use Microsoft Office or Google Products proficiently. This ability is one of the most important factor to increase their future employment prospect.

In conculsion, there certainly exists some disadvantages that need to be improved. However, advantages far dominate in the modern life

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