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As the society is making some significant changes in various aspects, families are also transforming into different categories ranging from nuclear to extended ones, arousing quite a lot of public’s interest. Whether this growing trend of solo living or living in small families bring about beneficial or detrimental impacts still remains a debatable topic.  The coin always has its two sides, however, this phenomenon’s advantages are more likely to outweigh its disadvantages.


When there is a debate about this worldwide prevalence, opponents present it as a sign of selfish individualism which might go against some Asian deep-rooted traditions such as showing our gratitude to parents. By living separately from those who devote their whole life to our wellbeing, it might be considered an act of indifference and moral degradation.  What is more, extended families are believed to be a breeding ground for a child’s upbringing. Children born in such type of family are more likely to behave well and appropriately to social norms. To be more specific, children are raised and cherished by their parents with a helping hand from grandparents. They are supposed to imitate the way their father or mother treats elder people in the family with respect and discipline.


However, the arguments stated above can be considered from the opposite angle. One-person households, or nuclear families might have some positive effects in terms of personal and economic growth.  As young solitaires move out to live independently, they tend to make a greater investment in their own selves, personally and professionally. They are offered a wide variety of choices to try and fail without a single piece of advice from a totally different generation. With respect to economic impact, the more people live alone, the more business opportunities are created since greater demands in estate and housing are made. Also, consumption and tourism are encouraged to come up with new products and services to satisfy the upcoming needs.

In conclusion, contemporary solo dwellers or those living in miniature family units will probably end up doing more good than harm to themselves and the society in such hopeful ways.



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- avoid the inconvenience of generation gap and some old-schooled traditions that already expired in today's World.
-  ensure the unviolatable right of privacy, imburden financial problems on the breadwinners' pockets. Hence, this choice of accomodation will leave room for individuals for self-development and responsibility.
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