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 ð The surge in overseas  flights  is claimed to help people accumulate comprehensive cultural knowledge.While many  consider this may trigger the escalating tension among citizens of discrepant countries. In this essay, I will examine the former opinion and demonstrate the reason why the latter should be the case.


Opponents to transnational travels argue that this may pose a threat to the peace between people with distinct nationalities. This can be ascribed to the fact that some wrongdoings or shameful acts are recorded taking place such as robbery, shopliffting, littering…causing the conflicts and hostility to foreign travellers. However, I am convinced that this argument is exaggerated  as native are inclined to be prejudiced towards the citizen of a particular country despite how minority such cases are when compared to the huge financial gain profited from tourism industry.To cite an example, Nepal ‘s Everest attracted millions of climbers every year which contribute the majority of country’s income.


From my perspective,  the growth of foreign tourism facilitates people to have a full understanding ofmulticulturalism. As a matter of a fact that, apart from enjoying themselves, the main incentives of travelling is to experience other culture firsthand which can entail savouring the culinary cuisine, traditional costumes, the religious traditions…. Thus, foreigners will get a true feelings of being exposed to a totally different circumstances which may accommodate their curiosity. Moreover,mutual cultural exchange is the norm among travel enthusiasts therefore the more new friends you meet the much more insightful view you gain of their country or the country they have been to.And visiting different countries is the golden opportunity to converse with intriguing people whose wealth of knowledge can appeal to you.

In conclusion, I once again reaffirm my position that  merits outweigh demerits  as not only does it bolster the growth of economy but it also promote the cultural quintessence of the native country rather than causing any tension among native and tourists.





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