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Nowadays, tourism is considered a non-smoke-industry due to the tremendous benefit that can bring to the country’s development. However, besides the positive effect, many cities in the world now have to face huge problem, traditional culture could be damaged. In this essay, I will discuss both the benefit and drawback of tourism and give my opinion.
There are some drawbacks of tourism. First of all, for the environmental perspective, tourism can have a negative impact on the environment. A lot of excessive building like hotel, bar, road, in tourist area, can destroy the natural habitat of animal and the ecosystem. Moreover, tourism creates pollution and waste. For example, in Ha Long Bay, the air and the environment are affected due to the garbage of tourism. Second, for the cultural perspective, many local traditions may be lost. With the development of tourism, many people choose to work in, instead of preserving the traditional job. For an instant, in Vietnam, many traditional jobs like embroidery, pottery,.. are standing in the border of disappearing. 
However, besides all the argument, that I talk above. I think tourism brings more advantages than disadvantages. Firstly, for the personal perspective, Tourism is leisure activities. Travelling cannot only reduce stress but also open the horizon through the experience of customs and culture. Secondly, for the economic perspective tourism is important revenue for each country. For example, in Thailand tourism plays an important role in GDP. Moreover, tourism can create tremendous jobs for local people due to the demand for food and services. As a result, the quality of the local’s life will be improved day by day. 
To conclude, besides that tourism could bring some negative affect into the environment and culture, but I believe that tourism plays important role in any national economic and each people due to the huge benefits it can bring. 
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It is true that tourism has become a significant source of the national budget for several countries over the world. Those countries concern and allocate more money to develop the tourism industry in achieving the bigger income as well as the satisfaction of tourists. However, some people show such kind of disagreements to this affirmative action by considering the effect of tourism to the local society culturally and environmentally. I personally believe that this agreement is not truly correct in because of several reasons. This essay aims to show my stance to support the development of tourism and provides several convincing arguments regarding this controversial issue.

The first reason is that tourism sector contributes such big income to the country through economic activities run by societies around the tourism places. It is clear that tourism is now becoming an industry that creates thousands of jobs for the citizen in terms of its management, protection as well as promotion. People who have skill in English probably would build a tour and travel business and become a guide. For those who have certain creativity or arts may sell their products of arts in a shop, or people might sell some soft drinks and snack to the tourists. These all economic activities crucially contribute to achieving the goal of government to provide job fields and to give the prosperity of society.

The second reason is that developing and promoting tourism object is the most effective way to broadcast the positive-country-image to the global society in order to attract them to come to those countries as tourists or even as investors. Moreover, going to beautiful tourism places has inevitably been a demand for people over the world and it is a kind of “golden chance” for every country to promote the best places in their regions. Let us take Bali Island as an example, which has been successfully promoted and being promoted as the image of a piece of paradise in Indonesia.

On the other hand, some local people tend to refuse the policy of the government in developing tourism. The reason is so simple because they consider the harms of tourism development that cause cultural loss and environmental damage. However, I believe that both cultural and environmental protection are the parts of tourism development on how government allocate the budget to tourism sector for creating a clean environment or ecotourism and promoting cultural tourism in which environment and culture are the basis of tourism.

All in all, tourism development does not harm the cultural values and environmental parts. Moreover, it supports the existence of local values as well as keeps the environment clean and green.

[ Written by - Soni Ariawan ]
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