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Recent decades witnessed a considered change in the education system. Nowadays, sorting students who have same academics abilities or mixing them in the same class has caused a hot debate. Some people think that the mixed ability class is more beneficial for the children for their development. Others have opposite thinking. In my opinion, I agree with the second argument. 
There are some reasons why people agree that mixed ability class is the best choice to help the student develop. First of all, the mixed class provides a suitable environment for children’s all-around development. This is because children with different abilities can learn together and as a result, they can learn from one other. For example, a student who is good at academic but week at physical education can learn from his peers. Second, being in a lower level group could damage their self-esteem. Grouping can have negative impact on their confidence. Children do not want to be seen as less intelligent than others, this inadvertently affects their academic results.
Despite all the argument above, I believe that selecting pupils according to learning abilities is an effective way. For the student perspective, studying with pupils who have the same academic abilities will help them get the knowledge fast and easily. This is because they are taught a suitable program. For example, students who in high-level academic abilities may profess fast and students in low-level academic abilities can benefit from a slower pace. Second, this is a suitable environment to help pupils compete with others through the test. As a result, they have the motivation to improve their academic results and get good mark. Moreover, for the teacher perspective, separating children with better academic abilities from others facilitates effective teaching. This helps teacher control and manage students conveniently and easily. They will have different methods for each student. 
 To sum up, mixed class are beneficial for student development but I believe that segregating students based on different academic ability is better for both teachers and students.
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Mình có cách diễn đạt khác, bạn tham khảo nhé:
-Categorising students according to their academic performance:
+ Boosting the class efficience and outcome due to the specialised curriculum and well-classified teachers and attendants.
Eg: Gifted high schools in Vietnam put an emphasis on tailoring well-organised, advanced teaching plans in an attempt to improve students' specific merits.
+Reducing a sense of insecurity from the underdogs who hardly catch up with their classmates. Hence, preserving a perception of self-esteem and confidence at schooling environment.
-Allowing students with various learning abilities to participate in the same class:
+ The diversity of class attendants will result in fully grown cognitive and physical abilities.
+Reinforcing the telos (purpose) of schooling: assisting/guiding/lightening students on their way of absorbing the vastness of knowledge regardless of their
 learning abilities. Sorting students with some marks transfered directly from theoretical multiple choices tests etc is not necessarily fair and persuasively appropriate. This method will probably increase the risk of biased, subjective schooling and not evenly developed brain students. Consequently, school leavers will suffer some tremendous issues when they confront challenging real life circumstances.
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