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More and more children are performing their talents on reality shows.  Some people welcome this as a way to nurture young talents; others are worried that rising to fame at such an early age may disrupt children's personal development


It is an indisputable fact that these days, there are more and more participation of young children on TV shows. They play such a vital role in view rates or number of followers of those shows. In fact, there are also some programmes that are merely created for children's education or entertainment in order to show off their talents to everyone. However, some presume this do wonders for children in developing their potentials whereas others reckon this may break off their own growths. To my perspective, standing the chances of appearing on these shows clearly has scores of benefits for children that cannot be denied for some reasons

To begin with, taking part in reality shows genuinely helps children boost their confidence and eloquence immesurably. They need to be on the ball in order to make the shows more intriguing and captivated. It is their responses to the quizes or challenges or questions that make them build self-esteem and self-control. There is no apprehension since there are always adults acting as host or guests longing to guide them properly. Furthermore, they are likely to figure out their own inscrutable potentials when they have a chance to discover themselves and their capabilities. Hence, it is substantially a golden opportunity for children to participate

Moreover, children are bound to learn how to response properly to other people. No matter when they make a mistake, there will be adults who can give them advice and fix them on a silver platter. Besides, this could be a favourable environment for children to make friends to one another and work together if needed. This will help them grow faster as they not only can meet a numerous of people but also get helps and love from them. Undoubtedly, it will positively impact on them.

To sum up, taking all of the mentioned ideas into account, I believe that with proper guidelines and support from parents or adults, children are literally at an advantage of joining in those shows. This will ultimately contribute to their life's memories as well as their personality development.

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