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If someone asks me for my significantly meaningful place, I will answer that is my hometown-Bmt city and center of Vietnam-hcm  city .bmt  city is where I was born and grew up, witnessed my growing time. HCM city is where help me to experience new and challenging things. Both are striking and distinctive, differ between pace of life and education, sture.

The pace of life is clear difference between 2 cities , one side is the hustle and bustle , one side is quite and peaceful . HcM city is famous for various kind of entertainment , from diversified cuisine to interesting travel spot. Saigon people and sai gon city work all day all night,.Hcmt city never sleeps. In contrary, Bmt city has fewer kinds of entertainment due to economic condition and time habit. From the pace of life ,            traffic term .anyone came to hcmt city first time, they fully shocked due to serious traffic congestion.this is explained for air pollution in alarming condition .Next, Education is one of the reasons for living in a big town . There is no reason to have so many students from different regions to study at hcm city  together in spite of expensive fee and strange atmosphere .Obviously, You will have more options, more chance to challenge you, accumulate precious knowledge. In small city, there are only a few well-qualified and professional teachers . In local school ,teachers have never focused on new method of teaching to apply to their students , are still incapable of making motivation for child .The third problem is infrastructure . in hcm city, infrastructure ranges from hospitals,transportation,buildings,as if it is covered whole various and economic structures . One apartment in hcm city costs many times as much as in bmt city .my hometown has many hospitals or restaurants but it is not popular or special . it is opened to service for wealthy family or weddings only.

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your writing is full of mistakes in terms of spelling, punctuation, I have no idea how to correct your writing.

I am confused that if you want other people to check or review, at least you should write carefully.
Theo bạn, bài viết này được bao nhiêu "chấm" ?
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