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Some people hold a strong belief that the prominent approach to address the crime issues in the world would be imprisoning crime-committing individuals, others opine that further education is a better way to consider. While I disagree with the former viewpoint , I completely side with the latter point of view for some reasons as a matter of fact.

On the one hand, it is undoubtedly true that not every crime should end up in jail. If the government puts the offenders a specific number of months or even years in prison just because of their petty crimes, the rising debates may arise among the community. This is mostly because people might have difficulty reintegrating back to society and living on in their later lives. For example, some teenagers who have committed juvenile crimes are likely to be harshly judged by others when stepping outside the jail as people hardly put their trust inthose having criminal records. As a result, this may have negative effects on their perspective careers in which most parents are of much concern.

On the other hand, there are several reasons why education is one of the most optimized ways. It is obvious that prevention is better treatment than cure. The likelihood of breaking the laws may be effectively mitigated if sufficient education is provided in time, especially with children who have insufficient knowledge about illegal acts. For example, a great number of young students in their adolescence are vulnerable to expose to bad behaviors due to the mentioned lack of background knowledge and it is ,therefore, of pivotal importance to educate this age group from the dawn. In addition, some unwanted consequences,namely the loss of lives and properties could be reduced in a huge number of cases.  

To summarize, while I have a strong opposition to the opinion that prison is a common place to tackle the problem of crimes, I agree with the fact that educating people may be more appropriate in dealing with illegal offence without resort to send offenders to prison.

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