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Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?


As the globalization is on its upsurge, more and more individuals are eager to work and live in oversea countries, which raises a claim that it can trigger detrimental social as well as practical diploma. I am totally inclined to support this idea due to some reasons.


With regards to social problems, I believe that the higher oblige on speaking a foreign language is in line with the lower threshold of facing culture shock that is related to psychological issues. To begin with, the human is thought to live and integrate better if they belong to certain groups and communities that share the similarities in thoughts and behaviors; yet, living among foreigners who speak a totally different language can build up a restriction to get along well since one language is closely connected with one distinguishable culture. Later on, this difference in culture leads to the depression whose symptom is feeling self-conscious, causing the higher possibility of giving up the attempt to immerse ourselves on the local society.  


Another supporter for this is that the separated features in language may decay our competitiveness in the job market. There would be no companies or corporations agreeing to hire employees who cannot be able to acknowledge the native language. Even if those white-collar workers are welcomed, they will get a higher risk of being seriously criticized for making rudimental mistakes in using the language. To be worse, some people may cope with physical problems including abuse, violence and discrimination in their workplace due to their not fluently speaking the native language.


To summarize, settling a life in a country in which the local citizens speak a different language from ours comprises certain issues in connection with psychology and physical condition. However, I believe that if we are determined and industrious enough, we can still be able to overcome all of those aforementioned problems.

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good job 

higher oblige-obligation

distinguishable culture-distinguishing

depression whose symptom-- i think it is wrong "whose"?

immerse ourselves on -in

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