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Mình đang luyện thi phần ielts writing task 2. Mong các bạn góp ý ạ!

Many people think that increasing business and cultural contacts between countries is a positive development. However, others believe that these are leading to the loss of national identities. Discuss both views and give your own opinion


Essay 1:

Today, business and culture emerge is embracing thanks to the development of globalization. While some people encourages this trend as a promising future, others argue that it would be the reason of losing national identities. From my perspective, I strongly agree with the previous one thanks to its benefits.

To begin with, as the exchange of business and culture between countries is growing dramatically, it will open up the opportunity to interact with different civilizations. For example, ancient tribes living among Amazon jungle which refuse to engage with modern society have been survive as their ancestor thousand years ago. In contract, thanks to the government’s cooperate with other nations, Vietnamese people could study abroad and gain knowledge from some of the best educational system such as Singapore, Japan,… In addition, poor or developing countries could receive funding programs from developed ones. Therefore, it results in developing country’s inner which will benefit every people living in that society. For examples, Vietnam had been a poor country until American, China and Russia decided to held supporting programs such as funding for education, sending experts to improve Vietnam’s drawbacks.

On the other hand, those advantages always come with disadvantages. Human kind always love the new things which results in the rejection of traditional values. Due to the influence of Western culture, young generation in Vietnam has an opposite value with their parents which is spending more time for themselves and refusing to get marriage. Secondly, domestics goods are taking over by international product because of Vietnamese people needs and taste. Reasonably, the government has to take in action by raising high taxes on imported goods so that Vietnamese entrepreneur could build up its own businesses.

In conclusion, although business and cultural exchange bring drawbacks, it is nothing compared to its benefits including economical enhancement and knowledge improvement.

Essay 2:

We are living in a world where the intergration betweens countries is a heated topic. Therefore, some people assume that development of international business and cultural contacts have positive impact while others believe that It could cause the loss of national identities. In my opinion, I think that the intergration progress could not bring the negative impact on each country.


There are several reasons to support for the positive impact of increasing business and cultural contacts between coutries. One of the most importance reason is that this process will help a country to introduce its national image to the world. For example, the cooporation between Viet Nam and America, particularly the visit of The US’s president Barack Obama, makes Bun Cha which is a traditional food of Viet Nam become extremely famous with Viet Nam’s international friends. Secondly, the expansion of business and cultural exchanges across the world will bring the improvement of nation’s economy. This is because domestic companies will have opportunities to do market research and learn the effective way to run their bussiness from international competitors. For example, thanks to receive advancement in manufacture technology from others coutries famous for producing, Vinfast which is a business project of Vin Group had success at the beginning.


In the other hand, there are undeniable facts supporting for the loss of a strong sense of indentity in coutries as a result of the intergration process. First of all, It could be seen that young generation in developing coutries prefer learning what they think it is new progressive lifestyle of developed nations to preserving traditional cuture value of their country.  It could be the consequence of international media giving prominence to wealthier nations’ culture. For instance, a large part of the youth in Viet Nam is crazy of Korean Idol and this part want to learn the fashion of them, how they live, what they sing an learn. Moreover, people in many countries are getting trouple with preserve their traditional value in contemporary world. This is because people think that some tradition such as folk songs is diffucult to learn and understand. Secondly, the negative factors from the outside countries will pervade and harm the traditional identity.


In conclusion, although the development of business and cultural contacts could afftect negatively on national identities, I think that it have much more advantages on each coutry.


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