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As many talented shows as on Television, which were attracted  a lot of  viewers.  Those programs not only discover gifted people, but are also entertaining.

First of all, game shows provide a good way to find talents of each area, each country, or in the world. Because there is widespread influence of TV on citizens in everywhere. It is easy for them to keep up with the information about opportunities to  show their ability. Moreover, the registration for attending at competitions on TV is simple. Most of people have chance to take part in the shows. Addition, there are many judges, coaches or mentors who always ready to help contestants to develop their talent.

Secondly, televised talent shows bring a lot of fun elements helping people to have happy moods and relaxing moments.  There are variety acts, difference programs that are suitable for difference ages. For example: game shows for kids like: voice kids, kids talent ; for students: Road to mount Olympia, Olympic events; For adults: Who is millionaire, VN got talent,… The ridiculous performances of participants make lookers laugh and seem to be fascinated, even they are interested in shocking and unusual factors. Besides, judges and coaches are celebrities and sense of humor. That is the reason why game shows or competitions  are always attracted by viewers

In conclusion, TV talent shows have two main advantages. They can collect many talents in a country or in the world and they are public entertainment.
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