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These days, young adults take up a quite large proportion in the population of some countries, as opposed to that figure for elderly. While it is true that young population has several negative impacts, I am strongly convinced that it is likely to bring about various significant benefits.

On the one hand, it is obvious that the most detrimental drawback of imbalanced population is that it leads to the lack of employment. When there are so many employees that the economic potential cannot meet the demand, unemployment seems to be an unavoidable consequence. To illustrate, in Vietnam a number of university graduates are out of work for a long time due to the inequality between workforce and occupation availability. As a result, the increase in poverty and crimination may occur out of control.

On the other hand, the domination of young adults in the population would facilitate national economic growth promotion. To survive in a highly competitive labour market, there would be a need for individuals to acquire a wide range of skills in order to fight against each other and prove superiority for job opportunities. That tendency could enable a remarkable development in the quality of employees in a proactive and globalised working environment. For example, there is a strong competition among occupants in Ho Chi Minh City in recent years, which significantly improves the flexibility in workplace and attracts the investment and establishment of many domestic and overseas businesses.

In conclusion, it seems that the downsides are also great motivation for promoting the strengths of young population in terms of economy. In the future, the tendency continues to extend in developing countries whereas it may slow down in developed ones.
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