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In contemporary life, many people consider that besides generating profit, enterprises need to have public responsibilities. From my perspectives, although making money is the top priority of every companies, I personally agree that they should contribute to the society as well.

On the one hand, it is undeniable that corporation have already been benefical for the society by maximising their earning rate. First of all, the more money firms make, the more efforts they contribute to community. Obviously, when companies earn much profits, they have opportunities to expand their business that creates more jobs for the unemployed. For instance, Google is one of the biggest multinational Corporation in the world, have provided job opportunities for thousands of people around the world and help reduce the unemployment rate in many countries. In addition, making much profit, enterprises have to be imposed heavy taxes for the government. As a result, they will raise the national fund for operation, infrastructure, technology development or healthcare which facilitates the people’ lives.

On the other hand, there are some strong reason why companies are under an obligation to have public responsibility. The first reason is that the growth in the number of enterprises these days have huge impact on the degradation of environment so they should install new advanced waste treatment system in lieu of releasing garbages and chemical poison right away into the ocean. Another reason is that helping people who are less fortune can contribute to the society and enhance the image of their brand through many philanthropic activities such as donating materials, offering scholarship and building houses.

In conclusion, i believe that although making profits clearly is the fundamental principle of business, companies should have socally responsible manner.

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