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The increasing demand for the migration to the city has been put as a priority for the modern population; however, there still remain some major drawbacks of living in a large metropolis. In my opinion, the government should take further steps to improve urban life for citizens.

The main matter which causes concerns for city life is the high cost of living. In comparison with life on the outskirts, inhabitants in center areas will have to pay a higher price for accommodation, transport, and food.  Another issue is that the urban areas tend to encounter larger social problems/social evils such as high crime rate and poverty rates, compared to rural areas. More importantly, citizens also suffer serious pollution from the overcrowded private and public transport which leads to very low air quality.  Hanoi, take as an example, is ranked at 2nd most polluted cities in the Asian area, as a result, the amount of population who get respiratory diseases is on an alarming number, which makes the city life stressful and unhealthy.

By contrast, to minimize the possible risks of living in the city center, the government should make an effort to deal with/tackle these problems. Firstly, it is essential that the authority needs to have detail and affordable investment in upgrading the necessary facilities such as building, social housing, and transportation system. Secondly, the introduction of new laws regarding banning on/ limiting the certain number of vehicles in peak hours and encouragement of green public transport usage need to be implemented as soon as possible to reduce/curb the congestion situation.  A third suggestion could be the construction of provincial towns and rural areas by developing and transiting more industrial parks to create more job opportunities for those areas.

In conclusion, the tendency for a better life in the city is on increasing demand, which urgently requires the prompt actions and measures from the government to cater for the high living standard for all city residents. 

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