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The table illustrates how much of rainfall on average in each month of a year in two different cities, namely Woodsville and Blacksboro. Overall, the amount of rainfall in Woodsville is much higher than that in Blacksboro. It is clearly shown from this table that the rainfall in Woodsville differs greatly in each of twelve months. Specifically, the most rainiest months fall into November, December and January with 6, 5.5 and 5 inches respectively. After January, there is a steady drop in the amount of rain until it reaches a bottom in July which is the driest month with merely 0.75 inches. Then, from August to October, the figure rose slightly as the year approaches the rainy season. Similarly, Blacksboro also receives the same pattern of rainfall with Woodsville with three top months are February, January and December - 4, 3, 2.5 inches respectively. After that, it also drops modestly from March until July which receives the least amount with eligible 0.01 inches. Finally, it is noted that over the next few months the average rain never gets as high as the average in Woodsville, although it is granted to increase slightly.
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