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Nowadays, the world is becomming morderner with the development of the internet and machines. To keep up with this age, we must have important skills in order to be successful in our life. From my point of view, communication is one of these. First of all, communication helps us exchange thoughts and informations with our colleagues and make everybody understand our ideas. In the work, we always need to discuss and exchange in order to give the best way to complete the business. Hence, communication skill is very important. Secondly, communication assists us to keep relationship in good condition. If a manager is on good term with his colleagues and his boss, he can have a comfortable working environment or may be high promotion ability. Finally, communication aids us in making friends. In this modern world, having a wide relationship is a big advantage for us. In conclusion, from my perspective, communication is an important skill a person should learn in order to be successful in the world today.
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Hi there,

I think your essay has made good points in proposing the factor and explaining it pursuasively. I'd like to give some comments and please do not take it seriously. I would love to read the essay more in a third-person view and enjoy more coherence and lexical resources. Therefore, I reword your essay as below:


These days, technology advancements have made it possible for everyone to get information anytime and anywhere. As a result, the pace of life is increasing more than ever. Alongside with many skills, in my perspective, communication skill stands out to be the far most important thing to people’s success in this world for some reasons. Firstly, the ability to explain the ideas concisely to others is the best way to achieve high productivity in a group project. When every member unanimously understands how to execute the plan, the group performance would be outstanding and efficitent and there would be few contingent problems in the process. Secondly, people get along well with each other via communication. By sharing emotions and thoughts, the bonds between colleagues, friends or family members grow tighter and tighter day by day. As a result, a person with many bonds is prone to becoming successful thanks to the supports he or she may get from them. To conclude, with the reason mentioned, I regard communication as the most important skill for everyone to achieve success.



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