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  Veganism is favor of modern life due to various profits. Although I agree with this statement, this also creates harmful effects because of the following reasons.

   First and foremost is the advantages of being vegetarian as it brings high- quality healthy, declining dangerous diseases and a comfortable spirit. Vegetarians are often active to join in outside activities more than non-vegetarians. Specifically, vegetables and nuts also keep fit and avoid some diseases such as obesity, diabetes, etc. Moreover, veganism extends life-span. Vegetarians will have a happy life from then onwards.

   Nevertheless, improper vegetarianism will lead to serious consequences such as tired body and lack of nutrients.For a long time with eating wrong ways, their body will appear some signs such as poor skin, dried hair and then people do not want to do anything and have a sick. For example, young people is growing with veganism wrongly, they will not intelligent enough to learn everything.

   Last but not least, veganism will be better if people use a reasonable diet and they will reach some benefits above. For teenagers, veganism is not neccessary to their health and complete growth. People who over 30 years old should have veganism to protect their health.

   From all the reasons above, it can be concluded that veganism is good or bad, it depends on how to carry out themselves. To spread benefits of veganism, people should resreach information carefully and practice right ways.  

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