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In many parts of the world, opinion about choosing job differs among individuals. It remains open to question whether people should stick to one job for their whole working life or it is better to work for various companies. Personally, while the former also offers numerous merits, I would prefer the latter.

On one hand, contributing to the same organization could be of great beneft. Senior employees may gain deeper insight into one partcular field, which not only increases the chance of becoming an irreplaceable expert but also hold great promises for promotion. For example, an accountant with more than 5 years seniority could likely be recommended for the chief accountant position as a result of her fully awareness in company's financial tasks.

One the other hand, there are sound argument for working in different organizations. First of all, short-term jobs may enrich employees' knowledge in various field. This advantage holds great promise for multitasking skill, which is a valuable competitive edge in the morden times. For example, a candidate for manager position who already gained experiences as a team leader with good recommendation in other company may have higher chance than the one that lack of managing experience. Moreover, changing workplaces regularly offers a chance of finding the desirable occupation.

In conclusion, each of above arguments us justified in its own way but I am inclined toward the idea that short-term job may offer numerous merits such as multitasking skill and chance to find the desirable job.
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