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Why I Adopt Stray Cats


            Have you adopted a pet such as dogs, cats, birds, fish? I used to adopt some pets. Most pets I adopt are cats from a breeder. I also have two cats from a shelter, and one is a stray cat. After I had taken care of my cats, I decided if I have another choice, I would adopt more stray cats, which are homeless.

            When you buy a cat at the store, you can choose their skin or eyes color, genders, you can choose healthy one, look cute, pleasant nature, they have everything you want. But why I adopt some stray cats, or exactly I take some cats from the street to take care of at home. The first, when you adopt a stray cat that means you give it a chance to have a better life. It might be thrown away, fought, poured boiling water, or many other abuses. Nobody bothers to give it a chance. The probability of stray cats being adopted are slim, because they are usually ugly, dirty, and if they have lived outside for long time, they may be sick. I think that when you adopt one of them, you will help them get better day by day. Helping an animal means that you made the life better, and prettier.

              Someone says that stray cats do not love people, if you bring it home, it may still behave as the time it lived on street. When you feed it, it will snatch food from your hands and eat as if it is their last meal. While eating, it is also very vigilant and usually aggressive. Sure, because it is their natural instinct. Maybe it will hide from you all day, maybe it will bite you, maybe one day you will be impatient with it. But I hope you will learn to be patient. Because when it is given a chance, eventually it will understand and trust you. For example, if you were born without being taken care of, and never had a home, then somebody adopts you, it will be absolutely expected for you to need time to open your heart and accept it. Right?

            I had two cats, one is Mini, the other is a stray cat. I took it from a sewer and took care of it. I did not think that I would feed it, because my pet, Mini just died. I was sad and I did not intend to feed a new cat. But the cat was ugly, black, small like a rat. I posted it on Facebook but nobody wanted to adopts it. So it lived in my house. I had to feed it. What else could I do? Finally, I recognized that I treated it unfairly. I really missed Mini and I felt that the cat tried to replace Mini. My mind did not know that; if I gave sentiment to it, that meant I would forget Mini. So I just gave it food, did not pet it, did not give time for it. Still nobody adopted it. That meant it and I were in situation together. Then I realize I was wrong. After behaving like a wild cat, it realized it was fed in a home. It began to get excited, having a house, a bowl, a servant. It liked to be cuddled, scratched, it liked to attach itself to my legs. It made me understand that it did not replace Mini, the death of Mini gave it had a chance alive.

            In conclusion, life is always continuing and what I can do is try hard. One day, my cat will die, I also die, and I hope at the day of my death whether I am young or old, I hope I made life more pretty than when I was born. At least with some of the cats I helped. I hope you will adopt an animal, give it a chance alive. Any animal that nobody will adopt it, except you.


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