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It seems that vegetarianism has gained in popularity over recent years. Also, there exists a common belief that over-consuming meat may give rise to a handful of severe health issues. I personally, thus, agree with this perspective. In this essay, I will give my strong support by reasons as below.

To begin with, the primary argument in favor of being a vegetarian is that eating vegetables lessen the possibility of contracting diabetes or diseases such as cancer or heart diseases. It is clear that foods from meat are often high in the amount of cholesterol, fat and calories because they are normally processed with oil. Additionally, certain kinds of contaminated and unknown originated meat are frequently used because of economic profits even though they may cause fatal infections. For instance, half-cooked meat increases the rate of catching contagious diseases through insects and bacteria.

Another reason I strongly support vegetarianism is its healthy eating lifestyle. Some recent research have claimed that vegetables provide a great number of nutrients required for a health-giving and balanced diet. To be more specific, even though a vegetarian diet is much cheaper, it still contains enough nutritive substances such as minerals, vitamins and so on. If someone contends that we should be provided with proteins, it is no doubt that not only can proteins be found in meat but pulses and dairy products also supply with a variety of different proteins.

In conclusion, vegetarians are brought a wide range of benefits, which far outweighs those meat eaters can gain. Thus, it would be great if everyone adopts a vegetarian diet rather than a meat-eating regime.
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Wow, this is an excellent essay with  a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structure
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In modern society, people more and more concern about health aspect, it is the reason why all services about gym and healthy food become extremely popular. There is also a trend which emerges from the community that a vegetarian diet can be benefit for health in many ways. According to my knowledge and my opinion, I am not in favor with this point of view.

On the first hand, it cannot be denied that having meal in vegetarian diet helps human bodies to refresh; however, this eating habit in a long time will lead to many health problems. Human eats to guarantee our bodies can get enough nutrition to build and maintain healthy status; therefore, the first priority for a meal is full of nutrition materials including protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. These nutrition materials can be balanced easily from a meal with fishes, meats, eggs, vegetables rather than only vegetarian food. In long term, vegan tends to lack of nutrition for their bodies, the result maybe become worse when their resistant is weak and easily get diseases.

The second thing to note is that the reflection of fact, to cook vegetarian food is far more difficult than a normal meal, it takes time having a balanced menu to provide enough energy and nutrition to daily activities, and with the busy lifestyle nowadays, it is a difficult problem. There is limitation for ingredients of vegetarian food, it can cause that people in a long time become bored with eating. In further view, if majority of people transform into vegetarian diet, the food processing industry can be directly affected negatively, and this industry takes a large scale of economics; therefore, it is an extreme attack to the development of society.

In conclusion, keeping a normal diet is better than changing to become a vegan. If people concern about health problem, the solution is taking care more about the quantity of meat we are consuming, limiting them and adding more quantity of vegetables and fruits to our daily meals is a good recommendation.
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"The second thing to note is that the reflection of fact"-> bỏ "is"

"to cook vegetarian food is far more difficult than a normal meal" -> "cooking" "foods" "meals" 

"provide enough energy and nutrition to daily activities" -> "to sửa thành for" "nutrions"

Update: Từ 30/4 Điểm bạn tích lũy được trên CWMP sẽ dùng để đổi quà (vé xem CGV (100 điểm/1 vé, thẻ cào điện thoại 150 điểm/thẻ 50k, khóa học IELTS Online (300 điểm/khóa 3 tháng)
Đăng ký quy đổi điểm tại: Form đổi điểm lấy quà"

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