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Essay topics: Some say that sports play an important role in society. Others, however, think that it is nothing more than a leisure activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


In contemporary society, some people think that sports occupy part of an important role in our lives. However, others claim that sports are leisure activities. Personally, I believe that sports bring more certain benefits than thinking they are leisure activities.
On the one hand, everyone thinks that sport is something helps people are relaxing and seeing it is leisure activities. First of all, not everyone has the abilities and potentials to become professional sports players. Therefore, they often seek out simple activities and it can help them release stress. For example, some people suffer job pressures, they tend to play sports such as boxing or yoga because they can help people reduce stress.
On the other hand, some people say that sports have a vital role in society. One of the main reason is sports help people to become healthier and have a beautiful body. For example, some people are obese, they are workout exercise regularly because sports help them lose weight. Moreover, governments can save money paying on health insurances. Secondly, children now spend more and more time to play computer games, and watching television screen instead of going out. Therefore, their parents need to open plenty of sports and training for them, this helps them are interesting with society. Children can expand their relationship and improve their social interaction with peers
To sum up, some people think that sport just is a small part of in their life, and it is leisure activities. However, I believe that sports now are a common and important role in our lives.

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