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The two charts require the information of grown-up education. The bar graph demonstrates 7 different reasons why adults pursue education at their age. The second chart shows how the surveyees think their education expenses should be allocated.

        Looking at the two charts, it is immediately obvious that the affection in specific disciplines seems to be the main reason for adults to study and the tuition should be shared individually.

         To begin with, the most significant causes for the action of attending course at a much older age are their enthusiasm in particular subject and to achieve more ability needing, reported at 40 percent and 38 percent, respectively. 22 percent of people think that this education are neccesary because of the more knowledge and experience for their present professions. The percentage of one fifth is the proportion for both the aspect of better advancement and the satisfaction in gaining knowledge. The others are smaller quantities, having more chances in changing occupation (12 percent) and to widen their communication (9 percent).

          Having a look at the pie chart, it is clearly seen that 40 percent, the largest number, have a desire to be shared the tuition in privacy. A bit smaller of percentage by 5 percent is accounted to employer and a quarter of the cost is shared by taxpayer.
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