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Nowadays young people are admiring media and sports stars, even though they do not set a good example.
Do you think this is a positive or negative development?
There is no denying that stars invovled in media and sports  have received increasing admiration from the youth. They show admiration for these media and sports celebrities who set role mode. This phenomenon may have both good and bad development, so let me examine both views before reaching a concrete decision.
  From a positive perpective, this tendency has desirable influences on young idividuals. In fact,they are able to get various valuable lessons from their idols. To be specific, they deepen an understanding of how their stars overcome difficluties to achieve success and fame, whjch becomes a source of motivation and inspiration for them to make their dream come true. For  example, as far as I  am concerned, the youth becomes more self-confident to perform in front of many people or hard-working to do exercises for a good health and standard body. A good example is Kylian Mbappe Lottin , whose idol is Cristinano  Ronaldo, becomes   the youngest football player of World Cup 2018.
  However, some of famous stars have tendency to wear sex-arousing costumes to attract audiences' attention and become well-known, therefore, youth people have a misunderstanding that scandal is the only factor to become famous rapidly. In terms of sports, usage of violence in football is dramatically increasing, so  violence will be used more and more by youngsters as a consequence of watching aggressive  matches on televion set.
  In conclusion, although some has some bad effects to the youth, personally, its benefits overweigh its drawbacks as they will filter out all the negative characteristics and opt for good traits in famous figures, which means that they don't blindly mimic.
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"the youth becomes" => the youth become thì hợp lý hơn chứ nhỉ. vì đang nói giới trẻ nên chủ ngữ ở dạng số nhiều mà

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