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         The Oxford’s Dictionary defines friendship as “a relationship between friends”. This definition, however, is just restricted, and it can be explained in other ways.It is explicit that friendship is known as a strong form of interpersonal bond  based on many precious qualities. In my opinion, there are 3 basic qualities that lay the firm foundation for friendship.Firstly, it requires mutual help. A good friend is always willing to give us a hand in any circumstances .Secondly, mutual confidence is an indispensable element when we tell each other many secrets.  Finally, we can’t help mentioning the faithfulness and sharing. A true friend is the one who is cheer to our happiness and share our sorrows in adversities.There are thousand pieces of stories about friendship of people who are not giving up on each other and the compassion between them. Through the cover of media, we probably hear a story about a young boy who is  always ready to carry his friend on his back to school every day because his friend is the disabled. That young boy is a good role model for people to follow .John Donne, an English poet, said : “No one is an island.” This quote is true because it is impossible to live without friends. In fact, friendship plays an important role in our life.Life can knock you down, but a true friend will still be there to help you get up and overcome all the obstacles in life.


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Từ  cheer mình hay dùng từ cherish hơn í, bạn tham khảo thử,

Từ qualities có thể dùng thêm characteristic cũng có nghĩa tương đương.

Từ friendship có thể đổi thành close relationship between soulmates.

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